Saturday, 30 June 2012

My FFS Results

Well, after several attempts, I was finally able to go and get my photographs done and I hope that you like the results that Dr. Pimental was able to achieve.  You can see the results here - but here are a few small previews:-

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sometimes the media really are trash

Reveal front Cover - click to enlarge
The article was written by Boudicca Fox-Leonard, although it might not have been her that wrote the offensive remark on the front cover, that might have been done by a headline writer, a sub-editor or even the editor.  Boudicca Fox-Leonard is a senior features writer with Reveal and not a freelance journalist as previously mentioned - my sincere apologies for that mistake.  However, knowing this might make it worse as she must bear some of the responsibility for how her article was portrayed.

As she carries on with her life, she is probably totally unaware of the devastation that she leaves in her wake. This just encourages all those transphobic idiots out there to carry on with their bigoted and offensive comments.

OK, it is bad enough for us adults - but does she ever wonder what it does to young transgender children who are transitioning and are battling hurtful, stupid, spiteful comments from adults at the gates of the schools that they are attending which is then passed down to their own children and so the bullying continues throughout their school day.  I just wish all of them had to walk just 10 yards in those transgender children's shoes - see if they could stand their pain, the humiliating and degrading comments, they would wilt, run and hide after just a couple of paces.

The trouble with most of these fly by night journalists is that they have no conscience and are just happy to collect their pieces of silver without a thought or any idea of the trouble they leave in their wake - including self mutilations and even suicides.

What we do is not a lifestyle choice, it is a necessity for us to be able to live at all.

The magazine did publish a very weak apology on their Facebook page - put not for making the remarks, but for offending a few of us.  If you would like to add your own comments regarding this, you can do so by clicking on the link here